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We are a research-driven SME dedicated to innovation in cyber security and privacy technologies, with a particular emphasis on the application of artificial intelligence and data-driven techniques. The CyberLens team consists of experts with a combined over 50 years of experience in academic and industrial research and innovation, over 200 publications, and an insatiable desire for developing entirely new solutions for the most challenging new technologies, from large-scale 5G infrastructures to Internet of Things (IoT) environments and driverless vehicles.

Our Services

What We Do

Technical Research & Innovation

Our experts have led or participated in a combined over 20 large-scale research projects in high technology. Cyberlens specialises on data-driven technologies and mathematical optimisation with applications in new security and privacy problems.

Innovation Advisory

Our experts advise organisations engaging in research and innovation in the security and privacy technology sectors. We have particular expertise in large-scale research projects, as well as industry-academia collaboration.



Upcoming calls
we can contribute to

We are extremely active in H2020. With security and privacy mentioned in most current calls, we add considerable value to your H2020 proposal and help propel it to the list of accepted ones. Here, you can see some of the ways we can contribute in H2020 calls.
Contact us to find out what we can do for you. We respond very swiftly and fully confidentially.

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Horizon 2020 Call:
Trusted Digital Solutions and Cybersecurity in Health and Care

Cyberlens is developing software for security management in e-health applications, ensuring the privacy and security of the data shared

Horizon 2020 Call: 
Digital security

The Cyberlens experts have experience at setting up cyber ranges related to new technologies and network infastructures, as well as in the economics of security and privacy. We use advanced game theoretic and statistical learning methods to study the dynamics of threats and countermeasures from an economic perspective

Horizon 2020 Call: Cybersecurity

From early warning, to detection and optimised response, we are involved in most areas of security. Some highlights: developing AI for real-time detection of cyber-physical threats to Internet of Things and autonomous robotic vehicles; mechanisms for remote management of Internet of Things security; and security of 5G small cell as a service architectures

Horizon 2020 Call:

Cyberlens places particular emphasis on the interplay of cyber and physical security threats. We specialise in developing AI-based mechanisms for protecting against cyber threats different autonomous and robotic systems used in border security and surveillance.




DISCØVERY is a graphical vulnerability analysis tool for industrial systems. In DiscØvery, we leverage powerful graph-based algorithms for a variety of security analysis tasks, including risk analysis and penetration testing.

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NIGHTWATCH is a specialised intrusion detection software for the detection and classification of cyber and cyber-physical attacks against autonomous systems (such vehicles, UAVs, UGVs, drones, etc.).

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DEFENDER is an advanced decision-making software tool that derives optimal and decisions when it comes to budget-constrained risk management, such as cybersecurity investments for different cyber security controls.

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