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Our experts have led or participated in a combined over 20 large-scale research projects in high technology. Cyberlens specialises on data-driven technologies and mathematical optimisation with applications in new security and privacy problems. Below are some of the types of expertise we have developed and utilised in technical research & innovation.

Threat assessment in 5G networks

We have developed expertise in identifying and analysing threats in 5G network architectures

Threat detection in robotic systems

Utilising existing instrumentation and advanced machine learning techniques to determine whether a robotic system, especially an autonomous one, is the target of malicious cyber activity.

Remote configuration and monitoring of IoT security

We are developing technologies for reducing the cost and complexity of managing an IoT network's cyber security, taking into account its heterogeneous nature and resource restrictions

Countermeasure optimisation

We employ advanced game theoretic approaches for dynamic security strategy adaptation based on optimisation of the choice of countermeasure

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